Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Brand Logos

I like the Minnetonka logo because it appropriately represents its products by having a Native American oriented font. I like how the T becomes a symbol for a bow and arrow and the color choice of black for the text and red for the T and the bottom, underlining fringe. I also like how each letter shares a similar over all shape, each are slanted and softly geometric. 

I like the BMW logo, the Roundel, because it appears to be very simple but it is actually very symbolic. I also like the very simple font and the vibrance of the blue in the logo in contrast to the gray, black, and white.

I like the Madewell logo because it is very artistic and creative. It is an original font that is imperfectly balanced, which I really like. 

I like the IKEA logo because the broad scope of the letters is very defined. I also like the combination of contrasting colors, yellow and blue, which catches the eye.

I like the Coca Cola logo because of its simple but bold coloring. The smooth, flowing font in a vibrant red simplifies the complexity of the ribbon appeal and attracts attention to the iconic name.

I like the Omega logo for its usage of the greek "Ω" omega sign above the text and how the letters are slanted giving it an ancient meanwhile contemporary feel.

I like the Google logo for it's iconic simplicity. It is a name that everyone knows because of its font and the use of basic primary colors (excluding green).

I like the Disney land/world/company logo because of its flourishing signature feel. It is a very bubbly, flowing font that just portrays the innocence and magic of Disney.

I like the Vera Bradley logo because it is very elegant and classy. It is simple cursive however it still hints towards the exotic, colorful patterns of the brand with its pretty curves and flow.

I like The New York Times logo because of its definitive complexity. It is a sophisticated, almost medieval font that I find to be especially captivating and intriguing.

I like the MOMA logo because it mixes capital and lower case letters as well as being very very simple. The straightforward font gets the point across in the easiest of manners, it does not complicate things.

I like the Red Mango logo because of its curvy, rounded font. I like the use of all lower case letters rather than capitalizing the first letters only. The font is appropriately natural and modern.

I like the Metropolitan Museum of Art logo because it is creative and complex. It is very geometric and can be characterized as modern and vintage at the same time. It is universal, as is the art that is displays.

I like the Michigan State logo because it is proud and spirited yet basic at the same time. It is not pompous or overstated but it is bold and defined. The vibrant coloring also attracts attention.

I like the New York Athletic Club logo mostly for the symbolic winged foot, which is typically associated with running, hence, althletic club. Meanwhile I also like the basic font that is used and how there is variation from the its "plainness" by having small "o's".

I like the Cheerios logo because it is a bold statement masked by simple lettering. The font is very round, not at all angular, which represents the circular appearance of the cereal. Also I like how the dot over the I is an actual piece of the cereal, hinting towards the brands' purpose. Lastly I love how it ends with a period that finalizes the logo as a statement.

I like the Toms logo for its coloring and simplicity. The light powder blue bands compliment the simple black text by adding color and variety. Also even the the font is basic, it is not a cliche; in my opinion the "M" is especially unique with it's outward slant and the "O" appears to be circular while most are more ovular.

I like the UGG logo because the main focal point of the name is the "UGG" part with each letter capitalized and bold, also the layering of the letters with one of the G's partially on top of the other G and the U gives the word texture. Then beneath the "caps lock" UGG is an entirely lowercase "australia". The fact that the "australia" is lower case does not understate its significance, instead it relaxes the intensity of the word above it.


I like the Reese's logo because it characterizes the sweet delicious candy. The font is buttery and smooth, flowing from one letter to the next with each yellow letter framed in a milk-chocolate brown. Also the background balances the text in a nutty orange. 

I like the GAP logo for its stretched appearance. I like the height of the white letters against the bold royal blue background.


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