Tuesday, January 22, 2013

AI Logo #2

<--- (the first, vertical design)

This logo was my "ligature" development. I played around with many ideas of how to connect the letters of my name and my initials. The original idea for this design started with a completely different sketch. I had written my name going down vertically with the lower point of the M connecting to the A then continuing with the rest of "MAGGIE." Then I decided to just use my initials and add an S to the M and A, I finally decided in this design because it was a little more clever than simply connecting the I and E like Roman Numerals in "MAGGIE."

To start, I needed to find a font that was pointy and triangular in order to connect the top of the A to the bottom point of the M. The S was more difficult because I had to decide how I wanted to connect the A and the S. After many attempts I chose to have the S begin from the bottom of the A then have it overlap again towards the top. It is a simple logo but I like how it is smooth meanwhile blunt and sharp. The M is primarily square and angular then it flows into the sharp pointy appearance of the A which then transitions into the S which is smooth and flowing. I chose the colors based on my favorite colors and combinations. I love green and pink together because I think the light, coolness of the green counteracts the warm, bubbly aspect of the pink perfectly and I think it embodies something that is girly but adventurous and not weak or frilly.  

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