Tuesday, January 22, 2013

AI Logo #3

This logo was based on including a symbol into the logo design. I began by sketching the treble clef into the M as seen above, on the right side of the image. Then I thought that it could use something more so I looked to the S for further symbols. I finally realized that I could incorporate a base clef, which is the opposite of the treble clef so the two symbols would go well together.

I traced the treble clef and M from a scanned image from my sketchbook and developed the A by looking at some other fonts. The S was the hardest part. To begin I had to trace my own base clef from an online image and then my own S. After, I began combining the base clef and the S. Once the logo was finally complete in black and white I then moved on to adding color. I considered making the treble and base clef one color while making the rest of the name another color from the start, but by accident I reversed the coloring of the base clef by filling only the dots. I like this because the treble clef is clearly obvious and profound but the base clef is more abstract and takes some time to consider and realize what it actually is. This coloring hides the base clef symbol at the same time as it adds to the pattern with colored dots. I chose the peach color because I like the way it goes with the black and is not too feminine but it is still warm and bright. (the final logo is shown below)

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