Friday, January 18, 2013

AI Logo #1

This Logo was based on the original idea of using my initials to develop a final logo. I also incorporated a symbol into the logo. In my sketch book I had drawn a single letter M using the ancient columns as part of the letter (as shown in the above image). I traced the columns from my sketchbook onto AI and developed them from their. After completing the letter M with the final columns, I decided to use the design idea of the single M and add it to my initials. So, using a simple font that still suggested the classic elegance of the columns, I added the A and S to the logo. I knew the M was very complex and intricate so I chose to keep the rest of the logo simple and let the main point of interest be the M, which is appropriate as it is the first letter of my first name. After many tries and developments with gray scale I moved on to color and began playing with the many shades and color combinations. I liked the ides of having the M be multicolored while the A and S would remain as one single color. Ultimately I decided to frame the columns in the same purple that I used for the A and the S in order to provide a common theme throughout the logo as well as having extra color and vibrance inside the columns in the M.

I like this logo because its elaborate but meanwhile simple. The complexity of the letter M is drawn back by the graceful simplicity of the A and S and the colors in the M do not overwhelm the entire piece.

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