Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Midterm Final - App Icon

I decided to design a logo for Bob's traffic app for an iPone. This app is for daily commuters to help them avoid traffic and construction by using their current location. The primary colors are green, for go, and orange, for road cones.

The above image depicts the first sketches for my app design. When I first read that that the color orange should be included, I immediately thought of road cones and wanted to incorporate them in my design. My first idea was to encircle the orange cone in white, then place it on a green background. I also experimented with traffic lights and the road cone. After analyzing the latter design on Adobe Illustrator, I decided that I wanted something simpler and went back to my original idea for the simple cone in a white circle with the green background.

Once I copied my design onto Adobe Illustrator, I started by perfecting the cone, as it is the center of interest in my design and I wanted it to look good. After many experiments, as seen in the image above, I finally perfected the cone and concluded on one that I was happy with. Once I developed the perfect cone, I placed it on the green background with the white circle. To make my design more authentic, I watched a tutorial on how to give my app design a shiny gleam similar to how real apps looks. Lastly I decided to add a slight gradient to the cone for effect.
Regarding the coloring of the logo, I added them in from the start. I knew I wanted the cone to be orange and the background to be green. However, I did experiment with other color combinations such as putting a red outline around the circle or having the inside of the circe be green. I even developed other design ideas (the traffic light and cone, as seen in the image of my sketches) where I explore a multitude of colors. I tried blue and orange gradients for the background and put colored outlines on the basic shapes. In the end I decided to stick with the simple cone and green background.

Above is a representation of my final logo design for the traffic app. As described in the logo description, I focused my design on using the colors green and orange. The orange road cone represents local construction that the app will identify for the user so that they do not have complications throughout their daily commute. Additionally, the background color is green, as requested in the logo description, to suggest the "all clear" and "go." I also choose to use the green as the background color because it is bright and makes a statement on ones iPhone screen. The white circle around the cone emboldens the cone and draws attention to the function of the app: identifying construction and traffic. Furthermore, I intentionally made the app very simple. I did not want to complicate the image or provide too much, disorienting detail, especially since the final product will be displayed as a small image, the size of an app. The simplicity of the logo also attracts the viewer and does not require any second thought for one to realize what the image is depicting. Overall, it is a simple app logo that is attractively bold without being complicated or cluttered. Even when minimized to the size of an actual app, it remains clear and defined as well as being interesting and appealing.   

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