Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Typographic Posters and Thumbnails

1. Above is an image of one of the typographic posters I choose for this project. I choose it because I love the background color (even though I know the thumbnail is in black and white) and I love bikes, so I had a personal attachment to the saying. After selecting the poster I sketched a thumbnail of it in my sketchbook. Then, I scanned the sketch and arranged it with the original poster image on Photoshop.

I Think I did a good job at portraying the original poster in my thumbnail and I made it clear what the poster was asking for and displaying. On the other hand I may have gotten a little too caught up with the details, making it more of a drawing rather than simply a sketched thumbnail. Next time I can improve by sketching with faster precision, keep the quality level but be more efficient.

2. The second typographic poster I choose is above. I choose it because I like the quote meanwhile I loved the font that it is in; I love the complex elegance of the ribbon-like letters. For the development, I followed the same process as I did for the first thumbnail and poster, ultimately organizing the format in Photoshop.

For the final thumbnail I think I did a good job at mastering the complex font and accurately portraying the style of the poster. At the same time I may have focused a little too hard on perfecting the font and I maybe could have gently shaded the background of the thumbnail to acquire a sense of the dark/light contrast of the poster. Next time I could work to simplify my work as well as look to include more black and white shade variations to portray contrasts of light and dark.

3. Above is another one of the typographic poster and thumbnail I did for this project. As previously mentioned, I choose the poster then created the thumbnail in my sketchbook before scanning it into Photoshop to rearrange with the original image. I choose this poster because of the varying fonts it has and the use of layered backgrounds, such as the blue base and the black and white banners and underlines.

For this thumbnail I think I did a very good job at showing the variety of colors and shades in the original poster by shading in with my pencil what was black or dark on the poster and outlining what was white. On the other hand I maybe should have perfected the positioning of some of the words in relation to others to be a little more true to the original poster, such as centering the "of" above the "courage." In the future I could improve my thumbnails by aligning the text to match the poster better.

4. I choose the above poster generally because I like the message it is sending as well as the dot border around the edges. It is an imperfect design with a sketchy, hand written feel that I thought would give me a creative margin for error for the thumbnail. Like the first three posters, I created the thumbnail then scanned it into photoshop.

This thumbnail was actually the first one I did, so I was experimenting with sketching for the first time. I think I did a good job at sketching the letters in a loose, casual manner similar to that of the poster, which gives a good suggestion of what the real image is like. However I maybe was a little too careless when sketching the border. I got the general idea down just fine but I did not copy the scale or alignment very accurately. Next time I could improve by maybe starting with the words then adding the border so that it would fit better. 

5. I chose this poster because I liked the banners behind the text, the color, and the many different fonts that are used. Overall it is a very varied poster that is uniquely exciting. I followed the same steps by drawing the thumbnail and arranging the thumbnail next to the poster in photoshop.

I think I did a good job at shading the words in the thumbnail to suggest the use of color in the poster, like shading in text when it is black in the poster or drawing only the outline of a word when it is left white in the poster. On the other hand I did not portray the scale with complete accuracy and in some places I put two words closer together than they are in the poster. To improve this next time I could give myself more space to work with so that I don't feel like I am running out of room and instead begin to cramp the text together.  

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