Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Motivational Poster Planning

Introduction to this project: This unit we have been learning about how to use photoshop. This project focuses on using photoshop to edit text and possibly images to convey a motivational message and learn how to utilize photoshop to accomplish what we want along the way.

The beginning of this project requires a lot of learning and planning before starting the final product. I have done many photoshop tutorials to practice editing text in photoshop and viewed over other motivational posters to inspire my own. Below are the many images and quotes I have chosen to analyze and consider using in my final poster, as well as the sketchbook thumbnails I have created to structure my own designs.

Poster Planning/Inspiration:

Idea #1: "Carpe Diem"
I like this poster and quote because it truly is inspirational. I love the Latin quote "Carpe Diem" that translates to "seize the day," I think it sends a very positive, opportunist message that everyone should heed. Additionally I like the concept of having the text be imbedded in the poster as part of the background image, in this instant it is carved into the sand. It also gives the poster a simple, natural feel that, to me, makes it even more motivational because it is relatable. To the right of the image are my thumbnails for this quote displaying how I would set up the poster. In this case I would either use an image of a sunrise on a lake or  a sunrise in a field and have the text be in the sky in a cursive font or shaped like the clouds themselves. Link to the Website 

Idea #2: "Not all (those) who wander are lost."
I love this poster because of how artistic and creative it is. It is bright, colorful, and cheery; every bit inspirational. I also love quote "Not all who wander are lost" by J. R. R. Tolkien. It may not be directly motivational but it is open to personal interpretation, an individual could read this quote and respond to it how they like, which I appreciate. It is a very free quote representing independence and determination, and I think the way it is displayed in this poster illustrates that freedom and conviction.   Link to Website

I like this poster because it takes a different perspective on how to present the quote. Although the text is small, the background image is blurred and unclear which directs your attention to what is clear and straight forward, the text. It also characterizes the saying itself, "Not all who wander are lost," by providing an indistinct picture that make you think, almost wander, but then it becomes clear and you understand what the image is of, which directs you on a straight path again. The selective use of bright colors in this poster also brightens it and adds some nice flare to something that is rather simple.       Link to Website

I clearly love this quote and message, so I played around with different ways to present it. I love this version of having a map by the background and the scrabble tiles as the text. Since this quote reminds me of traveling, wandering but seeing the world clearly, a map is the perfect background. I like how in this the map is faded, almost vintage, so that it is light and not distracting but very clear and has a purpose. Additionally, the scrabble tiles are a clever way to send the message. I think this is a very smart quote, and the scrabble text suggests that intellectual level as well as supplying the free and playful feeling that the message also inhabits. Link to Website
Above is an image of the sketchbook thumbnails I have drawn on how I would organize this poster. One idea is to have the background image be a faded, vintage map of the world with the text laying on top in a basic but bold font (this is inspired by the second image below). Another idea of mine is to have the background image be of a road in a forest, fading into the distance, with the text on the deep green tree tops in a white, cursive font. Lastly, an idea is to display the text in a white, flowing, and bubbly text (almost cursive, but not quite) on a light blue background with a sea green or light pink beach cruiser placed beneath it.

Idea #3: "The best is yet to come."
I love this quote. It is straight and to the point, as well as optimistic and reassuring. Because it is so blunt, simple and positive, I think the best way to present it is in a simple, profound way as done in this poster. The use of two colors, with the text in the bolder one, makes the message pop, along with having it in a large, basic font. The decorative curls and vine-like pattern beneath and above the words adds some character and flavor to the over all simple poster. Overall this poster is uncomplicated, pleasant and attractive. Link to Website

Above is an image of the thumbnails I have drawn for this poster idea. The first idea is that the background image would be a field of spring flowers beneath a clear blue sky, on which the text would be displayed in a basic, all lower-case font while the "best" would be cursive and in all caps. The second would have a background image of a road in a forest, fading into the distance with the text, in the same font and layout as the first idea, written in the strip of sky on top of the trees. Lastly I might like to have the background image be a sunrise on water "the best is yet to come" written in the sky, arching around the rising sun in a half circle or simply written straight across. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Invitation Sketches


This assignment required me to sketch thumbnails for party invitations. I first would layout the frame of the thumbnail then move on to the design. I would choose an object or theme to base three or four thumbnails on and move along from there, alternating themes until I had completed all twenty thumbnails.

For all of my thumbnails I like how I varied each sketch and design and I also alternated from drawing them in a portrait layout to landscape (although most of the five I chose above happen to be in portrait format). I also liked how I would find a theme and use that theme to create new thumbnails. I would draw one then expand from those ideas to create a new but complimentary thumbnail (such as the cupcake theme). I also enjoyed the phrases II used on the front of the invitation which really gave them some character, such as "Light the candles, eat some cake...It's time to celebrate" or "You are invited to something sweet." I also provided details so that the images were clear but I did not make them overly complex or distractingly intricate. I kept them simple but pleasing and entertaining, they catch your eye but do not distract you.

On the other hand I probably could have drawn the frames for the thumbnails with a little more precision. This would have organized my ideas a little better. Additionally I maybe should have shaded some parts of the sketch to suggest the use of different colors and shade variety. Next time I will take more time to lay out the thumbnails and I will also work to shading more. Additionally I could have played around with using more fonts for the words to add some variety to the text.