Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Google Doodle

This is the final product of my Google Doodle for Audrey Hepburn.
This was our Google Doodle project for which we were supposed to create an original Google Doodle for a certain day of the year. The design was required to be completely original starting with sketches in our notebooks that were then converted into illustrations using Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop on our computers.

I planned my doodle in a series of ideas. At first I thought to do a doodle for "Runners Day," however I did not know how to go about presenting this idea. Then I decided to focus my doodle on a specific person I like and admire. I chose to do Audrey Hepburn because she is one of my favorite actresses. I also thought I could use her iconic "Breakfast at Tiffany's" sunglasses as the "o's" in Google. With that I began sketching ideas. First I intended to find a picture of her wearing the sunglasses front on and I sketched out a basic outline of where and how large she would be according to the rest of the Google logo. Then I started to look up pictures of her wearing sunglasses to fit this sketch and found multiple that I liked. I finally decided on the below image, because I liked how both her real eyes and the sunglasses are shown.
Above is the image I chose to use of Audrey Hepburn as the center of my Google Doodle.

I wanted the design to portray the playful, girly innocence I associate with Audrey Hepburn. I most certainly wanted to include the color pink in the logo for a feminine flare but maintain sophistication with basic black and white. Overall the logo is supposed to be pretty, youthful, sincere, and classy. 

My google doodle is dedicated to the actress Audrey Hepburn for the day of May 4th, her birthday.
This Google Doodle is supposed to capture the classic finesse of the actress and portray her girly innocence and beauty. I think my ultimate product was successful in displaying most of the qualities I wanted it too. It may not demonstrate her importance to the film industry and how iconic she is, however it is simple and sophisticated, girly and fun. The final product may not contain all that I wanted it to only because I was pressed for time and did not manage to alter the coloration as I might have hoped or master the layout. It is a very basic logo as a result of the time pinch, however I think this turned in my favor as it outlines the purity of the image.

The hardest part of the entire project, I think, was choosing the day or event to base the design on. I am a very indecisive person, thus it was difficult for me to settle on a person or event to honor in the Doodle. Additionally, outlining and creating my own "Google" letters was some what difficult and required a lot of patience and precision. Despite these obstacles and slight defects, I am still proud of the outcome of my Doodle, and there are certain parts of it I like in particular. My favorite part, I must say, is the image of Audrey and it's placement in the logo. It is a timeless picture that defines her as an actress, in my opinion. As I have stated, it is classy however playful and feminine. I also love the use of color. The black and white picture of Audrey is the center of attention as it is the largest part of the logo, but I turned up the opacity to around 65%, allowing the pink letters of "Google" to stand out around it. The grayscale of the image compliments the vibrant purity of the text.

Overall this project really made me appreciate the time and precision it takes to redesign text and images in photoshop. I had to use the pen tool to trace my own G, g, l, and e for the google logo. However, sometimes the pen tool would not respond as I wanted it to so I had to be resourceful in finding other means to create the letters. I also had to manage multiple layers for coloring and positioning the image and logo. At first the paint tool was not working as I thought it would either, so then I had to learn about how to create new layers to colorize what I wanted.   

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Poster Critique Post

This poster is truly inspirational. The intent of this poster is to invoke motivation and determination in the viewer and  inspire them to "seize the day." Any individual ought to be inspired by this poster, be them male, female, old, or young. Although the visuals of the poster may appeal more to women and girls, the message is directed at everyone who reads it. Imagine this image along the side of the highway, on a broad billboard in an open field, motivating each person who drives by. The message is simple enough to read even when zooming by at sixty to eighty miles per hour. This poster also goes well in the working world. Would it not be a pleasant sight as you enter school or work in the morning, to be hung at the door or on a noticeable wall? This poster is best seen at the beginning of each day, to get one off to a great start. This poster is also designed to relax the viewer, to get to take a deep breath and start their day with a positive outlook. This poster directs ones mood in a brighter direction, ready to embrace challenges and strive to succeed.

This poster makes the viewer feel:

  • happy
  • inspired
  • optimistic
  • relaxed
  • determined
  • adventurous
  • elevated
  • imaginative
  • creative
  • focused
  • motivated