Monday, June 3, 2013

Name Collage

Above is an image of my name collage. This project came from our class trip to the MHS Art show, where we viewed the artwork and took pictures of letters in the work that would later spell out our first and last names. Upon selecting which photos to use, we then were instructed to assemble the letters in photoshop using layer mask on most of the images while cropping others.

For my name, I chose to use some actual letters while for others I used shapes and designs that resembled letter sin my name and oriented them so that they would appear as letters. Such an example is the seagull portraying the "V" in my last name, or even the swirls of light that look like the "M" and "e" in "Maggie." On letters that required context clues to identify the shape, I cropped the original image and zoom in on the specific letter I wanted, such as the encircled 1 acting as an "i" or the seagull. For the stand alone letters that did not require background support, I used the layer mask in photoshop to outline only the letter itself, such as the "S" and "R" in "Servais."

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